09 June 2010

jism, by definition

jism |ˈjizəm|
noun informal chiefly derogatory
• informal figurative [hopefully] very enjoyable or exciting : the ismic musings of J.

jist |ˈjist| noun

ORIGIN late 70's decade: independent usage of -JISM.

suffix forming nouns:
1 denoting an action or its result : bapjism |exorjism.
     • denoting a state or quality : barbarjism.
2 denoting a system, principle, or ideological movement : Anglicajism | femijism | hedojism.
3 denoting a peculiarity in language : colloquialism | Canadiajism.
4 denoting a pathological condition : alcohojism.

ORIGIN from American mother -donna, father -doug, stepmother -renae, unwed-stepfather -del, via Swedish host mother and father -kristina & lars; INFLUENCES -siblings, -friends, -colleagues, -you.

orgasmic |ôrˈgazmik| adjective

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