18 June 2010

do not help this (or any other) chathole!

Early this morning I noticed my friend, Chris's facebook status was an alarming message that he needed help "noww"! Before I could even ask what was up, I got a chat message from "Chris".

While I was chatting with this jerk posing as my friend, I was calling London Metro Police, Stockholm Polis, and alerting Facebook. I also called my friend to let him know what was up -- but these hackers wait until your friend ought to be asleep so they could have several hours to their advantage.

After over an hour chatting up the imposter and dealing with the police, it was advised to do all I could to shut him down. I posted an alert on Chris's profile:

THIS IS NOT CHRIS *****[last name removed for privacy]! This is a scammer trying to get you to send money. Do NOT give Chris ***** any money or personal information! (Probably good advice all the time, in regard to *****. haha) But seriously, someone hacked Chris's profile and is trying to defraud his friends.

and then the imposter removed me as Chris's friend's list to continue on his scam.

Below is the transcript of that chat. I am posting it here because I want all my friends to be on the alert for things like this. (Note to future assholes out there -- If you are going to impersonate one of my favorite comedy writers, learn to fucking spell!)

12:27 Chris
can you please come online?

12:27 Me
I am

12:28 Chris
how are you donig?

12:28 Me
good enough. how are you? your status is alarming.
what's going on?

12:29 Chris
how are you donig?
i teavellwd to london last night
and i was mugged at a gun point

12:30 Me
cool. welcome across the pond!

12:30 Chris
all cash on me were stolen

12:30 Me
that sucks
did you go to the police?

12:31 Chris
investigation is going on
please i need your help now

12:32 Me
what can I do?

12:33 Chris
i need you to loan me some money to complete my flight ticket back home
i will pay you back as soon as i get back home tonight

12:34 Me
oh boy

12:34 Chris
please help me out
i will pay you back
i need to get back home

12:35 Me
how would I get you the money?

12:36 Chris
truogh western union
help me

12:36 Me
they have western union in london? I thought that was only in the STates?

12:37 Chris
they have it here at the hottel where i loddged

12:38 Me
like how much do you need?

12:38 Chris
i will pay you as soon as i get back

12:39 Me
that's a bit of money.

12:39 Chris
i no

12:39 Me
honestly I don't know how much I have to spare.

12:40 Chris
i will pay you back as soon as i get back tonight

12:41 Me
if I do this you would HAVE to pay me back as soon as you get home.

12:41 Chris
yes i promise
just send me the money so that i can get out of here today

12:44 Chris
are you sending me the money?

12:44 Me
I am going to try.
I have to get dressed first.
where do I send it?

12:44 Chris
ok thank you
should i give you my information

12:44 Me

12:46 Me
tell me what to do, I have not sent money from western union before.

12:46 Chris
Chris ***** [last name removed in transcript for privacy]
94 Kentish Town Rd, London, NW5 2TG
you can even send it online
visit westernunion.com
Chris *****
94 Kentish Town Rd, London, NW5 2TG United Kingdom
did you got it?

12:47 Me

12:48 Chris
are you on it?

12:48 Me
I will

12:48 Chris

12:51 Me
I don't know if I can do all 800. Honestly, I don't know if I can afford it.

12:51 Chris
how much can you spare right now?

12:53 Chris
are you on the webpage

12:54 Me
no. I was going to go to the store to do it.

12:54 Chris

12:56 Me
I'll get dressed and go down. Hang in there. I'll chat back with you when I get back and let you know it is on the way.
Sorry this happened to you, man. Really sucks.

12:56 Chris

13:31 Chris
are you back?

13:32 Chris

13:41 Chris
are you there now?

13:45 Chris is offline.
13:46 Chris is online.
13:47 Chris is offline.
13:49 Chris is online.

13:49 Chris
please are you back ?

13:52 Chris is offline.
13:53 Chris is online.

14:05 Me
you there?

14:05 Chris

14:06 Me
dude, they said there isn't a western union agent at that address you gave me. 94 Kentish Town Rd, London.

14:07 Chris
that is the hottels address
you can send it online now please
the flight will take off in 30mit time
please help me

14:08 Me
you are not Chris *****.
that address is not valid according to western unon.

14:08 Chris
what do you mean?

14:08 Me
and even if there was a flight leaving in 30 minutes, you would never make it to the airport in time. and you could always take another one.
I am calling the police.

14:09 Chris
i did not understand you any more

14:09 Me
I will make it very simple.
If you are Chris *****, where did we work together?

14:10 Chris
breast cancer cure
please you have to help me
you are my only hope now

14:12 Me
I have called the police and reported this profile.

14:13 Chris is offline.

Fortunately about a half hour after this last chat, the real Chris was back in control of his profile.

So, now, back to the search,

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