09 June 2010

J In Search of Meaning

If life is an endless search for meaning, then "jism" is what I am all about. [Since online etiquette says all caps equals shouting, I will keep my acronym lowercase... like radar, bundy, or wybmadiity.]

Obviously I expect I will have something to say, write or pontificate on, therefore this blahg is where I will toss it on you. My J-ism is free to use, with appropriate citation.

Whether you are home alone or enjoying jism in groups with friends, I hope you find this to be a salty-sweet, tissue-requiring experience. 'Cause that is how I have lived it.

Searching onward,


Behrle said...

I wish you well!

J Graigory said...

Thanks for giving me jism! I hope it doesn't go to waste.

Tony Ryttar said...

I've seeen your jis...m.

// T.